Custom Medical Tubing

You need a partner in innovation. Our team of engineers helps you to design custom tubing for your specific tasks, decreasing your production cycle time and reducing your R&D costs. You receive these services from industry-leading MicroLumen engineers at no additional cost.

Sub-Assembly / Composites

MicroLumen medical tubing products offer a tremendous range of options to address the most complex medical tasks. Sub-assemblies and composites allow us to provide the multi-functionality you want in a product that is still minimally invasive, repeatable and reproducible. Sub-assemblies reduce your number of suppliers and can increase the speed to market. Our value-added sub-assemblies offer:

  • Variable flexibility throughout the length of the shaft via multi-durometer constructions
  • Combining different materials within a tube can optimize performance
  • Marker bands embedded for radiopacity
  • A-traumatic and flexible tips
  • Tapered and flared tube ends
  • Multi-lumen profiles

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