PTFE Liners

  • Our PTFE tubing expands the capability of our medical tubing, allowing us to combine physical properties of multiple materials into one high-performance product. PTFE has one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid.
  • Our liners are typically built with a wall thickness = 0.0005" to 0.001".
  • We can supply tubing with the PTFE liner or provide an etched OD PTFE on a mandrel for catheter building at your facility.
  • ETO sterilization is required with PTFE liners.

PTFE Composites

  • Our unique process of incorporating fluoropolymers with Polyimide provides excellent mechanical properties while reducing the coefficient of friction.
  • PTFE Composite Tubing can withstand gamma and e-beam sterilization.
  • PTFE Composite can be applied to the ID and/or OD.

Coefficient of Friction

  • Both PTFE composites and ultra-thin PTFE liners reduce the coefficient of friction:

Coefficient of friction:

    • Pure PTFE = 0.1
    • PTFE composite = 0.3
    • Polyimide = 0.5

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